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Wao aka Lionel Wyss was born in 1973 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Wao was amongst the first graffiti artists in Switzerland to develop
his own style character at a time (1985) when it was still pretty much underground.

After graduating from the Graphic Design Art School of La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland)
in 1995, Wao started his own company: Wao Graphic Design and Communication. Since then, he has-been doing graphic design, websites and promotion for various artists. Such customers have rock music & clubs, music labels & musicians & he has even done work with the Swiss National Radio. During this time, he has also freelanced for &
several other top graphic design companies.

Wao has always kept his passion for graffiti art and has-been from of several "crews", including and 296 tns. He dispatches his stuff in Tokyo, San Diego, Los Angeles, Arizona, Mesa, Pasadena, NYC, Seattle, Hong Kong, Seoul, Amsterdam, Milan and Switzerland. WaoToyz are always in demand due to their unique and exclusive style and their no compromise approach.



Exhibitions & Toys:

-1993 Biennale des Amis des Arts, Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds-Le Locle (CH).                  

-1994 Aerosol street art, Galerie espace sans titre, Neuchâtel (CH).

-1995 "Si papa voyait ça", La Chaux-de-Fonds   (CH).

-1995 Galerie Jean-d'Eve,    La Chaux-de-Fonds   (CH).

-1996 Galerie Espace Noir, Saint-Imier   (CH).

-1996 Espace Sans Titre, Galerie de la Brasserie Müller, Neuchâtel (CH).

-1997 "Exposition d'Art sans jury, Winterthur (CH).

Galerie Nelly L'Eplattenier, Lausanne (CH).

Galerie Lambelet, Le Landeron (CH).

Galerie Une, Neuchâtel (CH).

Galerie Une, Neuchâtel (CH).

-2002 Musée d'art et d'histoire ,for Gregoire Müller morphing video art, Neuchâtel (CH).

-2002 Viuda e Hiros,   Barcelona (Spain).

Swap Meat, live act, Neuchâtel (CH).

Waotoyz, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH).

Dispatching Waotoyz in the world, Wasperghost, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH).

-2006 New Waotoyz coming soon.

-2007 WaoDog Plush.

-2007 Events 07 at Geneva Switzerland, 07.12.2007.

-2008 Artworks painting sculpt - graphic design.

-2009 New artists of the DIY wasperghost.

-2010 SDCC @DKE booth.

-2011 O.G. WaoDog Kaiju toys by WaoToyz made in japan.

-2011 SDCC, San Diego @ DKE Booth.

-2011 Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles, Melrose Av,Opening O.G. WaoDog TAG EXCLUSIVE Pink "Mr Pink Panter" AND Gold "Mr Gold.

-2011 Cotton Candy Machine Gallery, New York, Brooklyn, Lulubell and Friends.

-2011 DesignerCon, Pasadena, C.A. , O.G. WaoDog TAG EXCLUSIVE WaoDog "Gunmetal".

-2012 SDCC, San Diego @ DKE Booth.

-2012 Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles, Melrose Av, TAG ANNIVERSARY 1 Year on Melrose.
O.G. WaoDog TAG EXCLUSIVE WaoDog "Mr Strawberry & Mr Lime, TAG EXCLUSIVE Forest Monsta milky blue and Clear Pink".

2012 DesignerCon, Pasadena, C.A. , O.G. WaoDog TAG EXCLUSIVE WaoDog "Mr Shark".

-2013 GROSPORC vs GODZILLA, La Boucherie, La Chaux-de-Fonds, March 16th.

-2013 SAVE&DESTROY 4, kaiju and tokusatsu-themed art, Galerie Maurer, Zurich Switzerland, April 20th

-2014 Designer Con, Passadena, Toy Art Gallery Booth 223, El Loopo - Little Buddha Yakuza kaiju clear blue exclusive

-2014 Christmas Kaiju Group Show, Toys Art Gallery Los Angeles
WaoDog's - Forest Monsta's -Chiko waodog's, Handpainted by Wao

-2015 DesignerCon Toy art gallery both, exclusive WaoDog Chiko clear blue, El Loopo clear blue, Little Buddha Yakuza clear blue

-2016 Expo collective, espace d'art V5, Colombier Neuchâtel

-2017 SDCC 2017 Disburst creative product distributionBoth, WaoToyz exclusive O.G WaoDog Fluo Zombie

-2017 DesignerCon Pasadena TAG exclusive, El Loopo Milky Purple, O.g Waodog Flesh, Little buddha Yakuza Milky Purple

-2017 Expo collective, espace d'art V5, Neuchâtel

-2017 Xpandeduniverse Tuscon, exclusive Waotoyz, stranger things show

-2018 Orange Dub & Kippu B-day & night, Citrons masqués Yverdon (CH), Stand WaoToyz

-2018 Expo Solo WaoToyz, Espace d'art V5 Neuchâtel

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